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Produktnummer: BS-55-BFS
Produktinformationen ", Blockflötenrucksack"
 BS-55-BFS. Bag for different instruments

General information

Recorders should be transported in case of strong climatic fluctuations in a secure packaging, which is able to protect the instrument safe.
In the case of strong fluctuations in humidity or temperature it is possible that cracks could appear in the body of the instrument. This can under certain circumstances damage the recorder hardly. In any case the repair will be very expensive
A quality case or bag keeps your instrument parts from such unsightly incidents.


This article has been developed for different-recorders.
The size of the compartments are especially adapted to the items of the company
If your instrument is from another manufacturer, and if you are not sure if your instrument fits into this package, please contact us.

Eigenschaften ", Blockflötenrucksack"
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6. Juni 2022 08:45

Very handy and comfortable

I bought this bag a few years ago and it has been my primary bag for my recorders ever since. I usually fit SATB, but it could include a Snino as well (ar another soprano). It has decent backstraps so carrying them on your back is comfortable. There is also a very neat compartment for some sheet music. I would love to see a version that could hold more recorders, for instance by making it fold in three pieces and thus being a bit thicker, but it would still be comfy enough as a backpack.

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