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Care Instructions for Recorders

Here you will find the care instructions of individual manufacturers:   

AAFAB- Coolsma- Dolmetsch
We wish you mush joy with your new recorder. If you follow 
the instructions below, your instrument will last longer.

A new recorder can be played in the first two weeks for about 10- 15 minutes per day. Then you can gradually extend the playing up to 60 minutes.
Before playing, warm up the headjoint. Especially in Winter,it is important to prevent condensation and cracks.
Too great temperature differences should be avoided. The instrument must never be in the sun, near any source of heat, or drafty window.
If the windcanal is clogged, cover the window seal with the hand and blow vigorously.
Never blow through the instrument with your finger on the labium, because it can easily be off set, making the instrument lose its tone.
To prevent mold growth, let the recorder dry before packing. Never store in a wet environment.
All grenadilla recorders must be oiled regularly. The headjoint up to the labium. Never oil touch the block, otherwise it will not absorb anymore moisture. Middle and foot joints should be oiled completely. Other types of wood are treated with paraffin and only need to oiled two or three times annually.