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Mollenhauer, Canta Comfort Angled Tenor in C, Baroque Double Hole, 4 Key Mechanisms

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2446KC -MOLL
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  • Canta - the joy of ensemble playing. Versatile, reliable recorder ensemble from soprano to angled greatbass from pearwood.
  • Natural holding position: the “angle” (bent head) brings the instrument closer to your body; you have a significantly smaller distance to get to the lower notes. 

  • The Comfort Tenor makes playing easy: two additional keys reduce the stretch of the hand.

    G-key: The left ring finger no longer needs to be strained.

    F-key: The right index finger stretches less, making the entire hand relaxed.

    C/C#-double key: The ergonomically designed and easy to operate key mechanism relieves the little finger of any strain when playing the lowest notes.

  • Pleasantly clear sound – speaks easily: for use in ensembles or as a solo instrument, Canta is the model that offers versatility.
  • Especially resilient and reliable due to the choice of wood and practical design.
  • Relaxed holding position due to the wellbalanced weight distribution, light construction and slender, economical design.

  • 3-piece

  • Made in Germany
  • A = 442 Hz

  • Baroque fingering, double hole with double key mechanism, key mechanisms on 3rd and 4th tone holes 

  • Pearwood

  • Instrument
  • Case
  • Thumbrest
  • Support strap
  • Microfiber cleaning wand, highly absorbant
  • Cork grease
  • Fingering chart
  • Maitenance chart


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    Grifftabelle Mollenhauer Canta Tenor
    Mollenhauer Garantieschein
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