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FEHR, Ergo Tenor in c´, Angled Head Joint, Modell III, Pearwood, 3-piece

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  • Fehr is one of the big brand names that has set standards for many decades. One consequence of this long tradition is the impressive stock of fine and naturally dried woods.
    From one of these wooden blocks, Fehr built with its typical dedication, an instrument that goes back to a model designed by Heinz Ammann.
  • The instrument creates a milestone through the angled head joint and the initial use of the ERGO key system in regards to playing.
    The carbon keys developed by Kunath Instrumentenbau, which are used in the ERGO-key system, are distinctly lighter than brass keys. Besides, carbon keys are much more stable. 
  • Modell III
  • 3-piece
  • a´ = 442 Hz
  • Swissmade & Made in Germany

  • Baroque Fingering, double hole mit additional keys for tone holes L1, L2, L3, L4, L5

  • Pearwood
  • Carbon keys

  • Instrument
  • Bag
  • Wooden cleaning rod with swab
  • Cork grease
  • Care guide and fingering chart (in German)

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