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Von Huene, Terton, Soprano in C, European Boxwood, 415Hz

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  • This Terton soprano recorder follows an early eighteenth-century original in The Hague. It has long been respected by professionals and serious amateurs who need an A=415 soprano with brilliance and clarity in all registers. Very few original Terton instruments remain: a few alto recorders, one transverse flute, an oboe, and a soprano recorder, made famous by Frans Brueggen's recordings. Von Huene's instrument can be made with or without the ornate decorative silver rings like those on the original instrument.
  • Arched windway
  • A = 415 Hz
  • 2-piece
  • Proudly made in U.S.A

  • Baroque fingering, double hole

  • European boxwood stained

  • Instrument
  • Insulated bag, made in U.S.A
  • Accessory pouch
    • Mechanical pencil
    • Yamaha cleaning rod
    • Cork grease stick
    • Anti-clogging solution
    • Recorder bore oil
    • Care guide

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