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Kunath, Classy Recorder, Baroque Fingering, 442Hz

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  • An easy introduction to the recorder. With its wide bore and well placed tone holes, the instrument has an amazingly full and rich sound, absolutely ideal for the classroom.

    In the design of the headjoint we paid special attention to the ease of tone production and articulation.

  • The shape of the instrument is designed according to the traditional Renaissance recorder shapes and on an immense experience of the manufacture of reliable and beautiful school instruments.

    With the help of experienced Waldorf teachers, a number of instruments were created, which are particularly suitable for practical music making.

  • The “Klassenfloete” recorders are based on a unique concept: the possibility of combining the headjoints of each pitch with various bodies. The pentatonic bodies are also available for the lower pitched instruments which delightfully complement the soprano recorder class ensemble. Bodies are available at A = 440 Hz and A = 432 Hz. Intervallic bodies for music teaching purposes. All bodies available with Baroque or German fingering.

  • For Example: Two in One

    A young child can start with a combination of a head joint and a pentatonic body, ideal for beginners. This same headjoint will fit the normal chromatic body perfectly if the child wants to switch to a more conventional instrument.

  • You can create any combination you like: in any pitch, tuning or fingering – with one and the same head joint!

    Even better, the old pentatonic body can be passed on to another child – a hygienic and economical system.

  • A = 442 Hz
  • 2-piece
  • Made in Germany



  • Baroque fingering, double hole



  • Pearwood



  • Cotton carry bag
  • Cleaning rod with cloth
  • Cork grease
  • Fingering chart


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