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Adriana Breukink, Eagle Soprano Recorder, Grenadilla, 443Hz

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  • The powerful, expansive sound of the Eagle recorder blends beautifully with all modern musical instruments. The wide bore, the metal labium and the solid key system make this recorder extremely loud and flexible.

  • It has a very strong low register and plays chromatically from B-3 to G-6 (Sopranino range!).

    The sound balance within the instrument is perfectly balanced across a range of 2 octaves and a 6th. Grand orchestral sound.

  • The phenomenal sound of the wide bore makes it possible to play together with piano, saxophone, violin, etc. Making music in large ensembles is no problem and endless new sound combinations can be created.

  • Modifications to the player’s breathing type enables optimal sound and support the breathing technique so that it becomes easier and more natural. We focus on excellence.

  • ergonomically placed tone holes.

  • A = 443 Hz

  • 3-piece

  • Developed by Adriana Breukink und Geri Bollenger. Made by Kunath.

    • Modified Baroque fingering, double hole, double key mechanism and low B-natural key.
    • Solid Swiss key system for strong low b, c and c#

    • Grenadilla

    • Instrument
    • Leather case
    • Fingering chart

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