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Adriana Breukink, Eagle Ganassi Alto recorder, Solar Voicing, castello boxwood, 443Hz

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  • The powerful, expansive sound of the Eagle Ganassi recorder blends beautifully with all modern musical instruments. The wide bore, the metal labium and the solid key system make this recorder extremely powerful and flexible.

  • It has a very strong low register and plays chromatically from E-3 to C-6 (Soprano range!).

    The sound balance within the instrument is perfectly balanced across a range of 2 1/2 octaves. Grand orchestral sound.

  • The phenomenal sound of the wide bore makes it possible to play together with piano, saxophone, violin, etc. Making music in large ensembles is no problem and new sound combinations can be created.

  • Modifications to the player’s breathing type enables optimal sound and support the breathing technique so that it becomes easier and more natural. We focus on excellence.

  • ergonomically placed tone holes.

  • A = 443 Hz

  • 3-piece

  • Developed by Adriana Breukink. Made by Kunath.

    • Modified Baroque fingering (similar to Ganassi), double hole, double key mechanism.


    The doctrine assumes an influence of sun and moon on humans, which manifests itself in two breathing - respectively constitutional types: the lunar active inhaler and the solar active exhaler.

    The influence that prevails on the day of birth or at the first independent breathing should be formative for life from the perspective of Terlusollogy:

    The two types should primarily differ in the way of their breathing (different use of chest respectively abdomen for respiration and different emphasis on the respiratory phase inhalation or exhalation). As a result of both types of breathing two constitutional types should emerge, which differ mainly in terms of posture, exercise and diet.


    In Musicians:


    • Inhalers are players, wo tend to blow a lot of air passively and freely  through the instrument, without applying much force.
    • Exhalers are players, who tend to blow air more actively into the instrument and with more force.

    The tone is the same for both types, as is the amount of air flowing through the windway. The only difference is the way the sound is produced. This is why different people require different mouthpieces!

    Inhalers (Lunar) have an active intake of breath and a passive exhalation and are therefore the wind players that prefer a larger opening to blow through. This makes the passive exhaling of air relaxed and the tone beautifully free and rich in resonance.

    They play with taut lips. The naturally 'slow' airstream can flow into the recorder freely and the thinner beak means the lips remain in firm control.

    The right mouthpiece has a thin beak with a larger windway opening.


    Exhalers (Solar) have an active exhalation and a passive intake of breath and benefit from a smaller opening to blow through. The air that they naturally blow into the recorder with a lot of power is therefore restricted and the tone remains clear and nicely centered.

    They play with relaxed lips. The right mouthpiece is somewhat thicker and rounder. The naturally 'fast' airstream is directed and the lips can close around the thicker beak in a relaxed fashion.

    The right mouthpiece is somewhat thicker and rounder and has a small windway opening.



    •  Castello boxwood, oilded with linseed oil


    • Instrument, Solar Voicing
    • Leather case
    • Allen key for thumbrest for adjustment
    • Fingering chart


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