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Silke Kunath Blockfloetenshop If you are a teacher and would like to order for a school, we will inform you about the special rates for schools.

Silke Kunath





Our advice

Mollenhauer, Dream-Edition Soprano in C, Grenadilla, Baroque Double Hole

Mollenhauer, Dream-Edition Soprano in...

403.98 USD
Yamaha, Tenor in C, Baroque Fingering, C-C# Double Key Mechanism, Comfort Keys L4,L3

Yamaha, Tenor in C, Baroque...

149.03 USD
FEHR, Ergo Tenor in c´, Angled Head Joint, Modell III, Pearwood, 3-piece

FEHR, Ergo Tenor in c´, Angled Head...

747.97 USD
Paetzold by Kunath, Ergo Knick-Tenorblockflöte in c, 442 Hz, Birkensperrholz

Paetzold by Kunath, Ergo...

936.37 USD
Paetzold by Kunath, Tenorblockflöte in c, 442 Hz, Birkensperrholz

Paetzold by Kunath, Tenorblockflöte...

936.37 USD

New product

Yamaha, Knick-Tenor in c´, Barocke...

173.40 USD
Ensemble-Wochenende "Mixtur im Bass (II)", Schüler und Studenten

Ensemble-Wochenende "Mixtur im...

65.61 USD
Kurs-Wochenende "Blockflötenkunde & Consortmusik"


89.04 USD